Diversity Committee

The Society of Pediatric Psychology (SPP) is committed to promoting diversity in pediatric psychology research and clinical care, to increasing the number of SPP members from diverse backgrounds and to providing services and resources for SPP members who are members of underrepresented groups. Based on this commitment, the SPP executive committee established a standing Diversity Committee in 2006, with the goal of promoting diversity issues and research within the division. More recently, the SPP membership passed a bylaw amendment to establish a member-at-large position for diversity issues. Activities of the Diversity Committee include the Diversity Research Grant and Poster Award.

The SPP Diversity Committee, which includes the Member-at-Large for diversity as well as the Diversity Special Interest Group (SIG) consists of 10 SPP members from a variety of institutions.

Committee Members

Member-at-Large – Anna Maria Patiño-Fernandez, PhD 
Conference Liaison – Amy Sato, PhD 
Membership Committee Liaison – Yelena Wu, PhD 
Newsletter Chair – Monica Mitchell, PhD 
Poster Award Chair – Mery Taylor, PhD 
Diversity Grant & Awards Chair – Celia Lescano, PhD 
SIG Chair – Jessica Valenzuela, PhD 
SIG Dissemination Committee Chair – Wendy Gray, PhD 
SIG Research & Publications Committee Chair – Elizabeth Pulgaron, PhD 
SIG Training & Mentorship Committee Chair – Idia Thurston, PhD

SPP members who are interested in learning more about the Diversity Committee or in joining the Diversity SIG should contact Anna Maria Patiño-Fernandez (Diversity Committee) or Jessica Valenzuela (Diversity SIG) for more information.


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