SPP YouTube Channel

The purposes of the Society of Pediatric Psychology (SPP) YouTube channel include:

  • Low-cost delivery of continuing education program credits to its members (we are working on this).

  • Promotion of evidence-based clinical practices in pediatric psychology.

  • Dissemination of selected information about pediatric psychology to the public.

  • Location for special interest group (SIG)-related posted talks for their members.

This channel meets at least two strategic initiatives of SPP:

  1. To enhance our focus on evidence-based practice and practice-oriented initiatives.

  2. To serve as the authoritative source of information about pediatric psychology for the public and other health professional.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


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The Society of Pediatric Psychology (SPP) has established a YouTube channel to faciliate delivery of continuing education to members and dissemination of information about pediatric psychology to the public.

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Thursday, January 21, 2016
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Talk length should be determined by the topic and target audience. Brief talks (e.g., 5-15 minutes) focused on a targeted topic are especially encouraged.

Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.

Proposals for programs to appear on the channel may either be invited by the MAL-CE, chairs of the SIGS or the editorial staff of an SPP journal (Journal of Pediatric Psychology or Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology). Proposals also may be self-initiated by any SPP member in good standing.

Please see instructions for authors (PDF, 58KB) for more details on developing and submitting a proposal.

Please see reviewer instructions (PDF, 59KB) for more details on how to log in and get set up as a reviewer.

Should there be a demand for formal CEs through the SPP YouTube Channel by our membership, we will consider developing a monitoring/evaluation system to support provision of CEs and submit a separate home study application to APA for this purpose. However, given the recent experience of other similar APA divisions, this is not actively being planned at this time.

Progress Notes Oct, 2015

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